Dr. Ankur Singha

Dr. Ankur Singha

Postdoctoral Researcher


Technical University of Berlin

Ankur singha is a postdoctoral research associate working in the Machine Learning group at Technische Universität Berlin. His research objective is to develop advanced Generative AI models aimed at optimizing the sampling process in Lattice Field Theory, with the ultimate goal of enhancing its efficiency and scalability for lattice QCD simulations. He recieved doctoral degree in Physics in 2023 from IIT Kanpur, India. During his PhD he worked on conditional GANs and conditional flow-based models to simulate the lattice Gross-Neveu model, phi4 theory, and U(1) gauge theory in two dimensions.

  • Lattice Field Theory
  • Generative Models
  • Renormalization Group Theory
  • Equations Learner (EQL)
  • Ph.D. in Physics, 2023

    Indian institute of Technology Kanpur, India

  • M.Sc. in Physics, 2017

    Tezpur University

  • B.sc. in Physics, 2015

    Gauhati University